Skin Care

 KemiOyl provides complete body care, it's all natural formula makes it soft and gentle to your body.
Avoid using damaging and harsh chemicals and go natural.


    Kemi Oyl provides healthy, soft and radiant skin. It's naturally occurring, and powerful moisture-binding ingredients keep skin plump, hydrated and young looking. It helps regulate natural oil production of for your skin (epidermis).

    An infusion of enriched Aloe Vera oil and jojoba oil provides healing and hydration for your skin. Kemi Oyl's almond oil infusion helps clear dead skin cells and cure dark spots. Other essential oils assist in lubricating the skin, eliminate skin dryness.

    Unleash the powerful Antioxidants all while preventing the formation of free radicals which contribute to signs of aging. All Vedic (natural) formula soften and moisturizes the skin providing it a radiant glow making your skin feel fresh and healthy.